Giant Green Business Winner 2009

The Giant Green Business Awards honours those organisations operating in the borough of Islington that are striving to improve the environmental sustainability of their business., recognising the great record that these businesses have for commitment and innovation in safeguarding our environment.

Your achievements:
Question:  What did you do?
Answer:  We created a Test Centre of ecological ideas and a Mini Conference Venue to share our experiences and vision of a Cleaner, Greener  World. Hundreds of people have visited and attended seminars in our first year.
From our experimental offices on Poets Road, bere:architects endeavour to increase awareness of the opportunities afforded by sustainable and environmentally responsible strategies.  The lessons learned are embodied not only in the physical buildings we create but also in the social fabric of the environment in which we work and live.
The office, which is also Justin Bere’s home, is developed according to a holistic approach to sustainable design and features a thriving micro environment on its green roofs. Beside the day to day running of the office Justin Bere and his architectural practice has hosted numerous seminars, talks, and tours centred around the opportunities and lessons learned in constructing, living and working in one of Britain’s greenest buildings.
Hundreds of people have so far attended meetings or seminars about green roofs, biodiversity and energy efficient Passivhaus design principles and hundreds of thousands of people have read persuasive features in publications like the National Geographic Magazine, or seen television news or inspirational BBC documentaries that feature the native green roofs of the experimental building at Poets Road.
With our passion, we try to multiply our carbon reductions and biodiversity improvements in proportion to those people we influence.