Amanda Baillieu shocks Building Design readers with her outburst

Amanda Baillieu shocks Building Design readers with her claim that the science of global warming is just ‘hot air’ (the text of this article was toned down Monday 9th November, 9pm)

November 6th 2009, Amanda Baillieu today wrote a shocking article in Building Design. In her title piece, she refers to “the increasing evidence against man-made climate change” however she does not explain what she means by this and appears to have no real interest or grasp of the issues. When challenged to substantiate her claim, she did no more than refer to “the dizzying range of ideas that are being debated” – without giving details of a single one of them.

Her ‘twitter’ site gives some indication of what is behind this. Items 2, 4, 13, 17, 18 below are written by Ms Baillieu. Ref to no.18 at 10.03am on Nov 4th indicates that it seems to have started by an article she read in the Guardian about a judge finding that someone was discriminated against for his environmental principles. At 10.07am she exclaimed to the world “Basically believing in man made climate change is a bit like hoping that fairies live at the bottom of the garden.”

This is followed by some mind-numbingly vacant utterances from another journalist and a designer. (who’s home page curiously says “We are the leading UK consultancy working across public health, sustainability and planning.”)

Then Ms Baillieu displays her contempt for architects with the entry no.2:
“Throw a piranha in the tank and see what happens- me on climate change and angry readers respond”

….and in between all this she is busy twittering on other people’s twitter sites congratulating them for joining in on her twittering rant.

  1. @fatcharlesh uncertainty pervades the entire field of climate change. Scepticism should be the natural attitude of any intelligent personabout 2 hours ago from web

  2. Throw a piranha in the tank and see what happens- me on climate change and angry readers respond 12 hours ago from web

  3. @cast_architect Very good !5:24 AM Nov 5th from web

  4. We have one spare ticket for TONIGHT’s YAYA and AYA awards at Inter-continenental, Park Lane on my table. Best tweet back gets ticket4:58 AM Nov 5th from web

  5. @tomdyckhoff Sceptics less easy to find than green fanatics.The fact the scientific establishment backs global warming doesn’t make it true3:08 PM Nov 4th from web

  6. @ben_cave Well, Polar Bear International would say that wouldn’t they ?2:55 PM Nov 4th from web

  7. @pamnewall But Cabe and the rest are as bad. Sheep the lot of them. Bah !2:49 PM Nov 4th from web

  8. @pamnewall What bought it on was Sunand Prasad’s self righteous ramblings in AJ.2:48 PM Nov 4th from web

  9. @guardianglancey Why are you unofficial ?2:40 PM Nov 4th from web

  10. @tomdyckoff And read this. PM Nov 4thfrom web

  11. @tomdyckoff Yes but is it caused by us ? That’s the point. Of course there is climate change. Watch this anyway - PM Nov 4th from web

  12. @tomdychoff Yes but is it caused by us ? That’s the point. Of course there is climate change. Watch this anyway - PM Nov 4th from web

  13. I am going to have a drink- bye11:34 AM Nov 4th from web

  14. @tomdychoff well, the world is not getting warmer, polar bears are increasing and the number of skeptics is growing daily11:33 AM Nov 4th from web

  15. @ben_cave It’s pathetic macho behaviour by Dickinson. I wouldnt want to work for him, but not because he’s guilty of helping global warming11:32 AM Nov 4th from web

  16. @tomdychoff Over 700 dissenting scientists from around the globe challenge man-made global warming, actually11:25 AM Nov 4th from web

  17. Basically believing in man made climate change is a bit like hoping that fairies live at the bottom of the garden.10:07 AM Nov 4th from web

  18. I am becoming increasingly irritated by the green lobby and the idea that its to be treated like a religion AM Nov 4th from web

Edited 10th November


If you want to see what Amanda wrote and all the comments, you can read it on BD’s own website. I assume that Nina doesn’t mind me putting this link up to assist people?

Please note also that my comment was not at first published by BD, yet an almost equally long piece by Austin Williams effectively in support of destroying the planet was published. I phoned Amanda and politely asked her why she was being selective in which comments she chose to publish and she put the phone down on me. I emailed to apologise if my comment was upsetting to her, and to say that I was only trying to lift the debate to a rational level and that I care deeply for the planet and all the species on it. I have read a lot about the science and know that the balance of probability is that we don’t have time to waste without risk to future generations, particularly those nearer the equator. So I do feel passionately about this and accept this may occasionally cause offence, just as her piece caused offence to a lot of people.

Subsequently my on line comment was published and I removed the description ‘dizzy Amanda’ from my blogsite. This was not a sexist comment as Amanda suggested. I was clearly referring to her statement that there is a “dizzying array of evidence against climate change” (or something to that effect).

Once my comments were published, I received a large number of emails thanking me for my contribution in the comments section of the above article and none criticising or questioning the facts that I laid out, largely according to David Mackay.

I think this episode has reflected badly on Building Design and on UBM magazines. This is a shame because I have been a supporter in the past and contributor. BD have written some very nice articles about the work of bere:architects with several large features covering several pages. No doubt this will now cease, at least as long as Amanda is editor, but frankly the planet is much more important than what BD say about our work. There are some really good writers on the magazine and for their sakes I wish BD well. However for Amanda to risk the circulation of the publication and the jobs of good people by such silly tabloid-style editorial is a real shame, as well as irresponsible. I think that Amanda’s continued position as editor should now be questioned. There are a lot of really good, sensible people out there who would love to do her job.



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