Highbury Swimming Pool - possibly UK’s largest solar heating installation

Highbury Swimming Pool
Highbury Swimming Pool

Justin Bere accompanied the Leader of Islington Council, Cllr James Kempton (Liberal Democrat) in giving a keynote speech at the opening of what is thought to be the UK’s largest solar heating installation to date at the Highbury Swimming Pool in the London Borough of Islington. The project was made possible by the Islington Council Climate Change Fund with an unprecedented spending budget of £3 million. Justin spoke in his capacity as an elected advisor to the council, a service provided charitably by a small group of sustainability experts. Justin praised Islington voters for electing such an environmentally responsible council and in response to a vote of thanks from Cllr Kempton, Justin in turn highlighted the dedication of all the council employees who work well beyond the call of duty in order to ensure the success of this unique and important trail-blazing scheme.



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Congratulations on this project. I'm ciourus about how you accommodated windows and doors when the SIPS panels were added to the exterior of the house. Were you able to integrate the windows into the SIPS prior to installing the SIPS on the house? We are designing a DER in which we are trying to use insulated panels (filled with cellulose) which will have the new more efficient windows already installed in them prior to installation to make it a faster, smoother process. I'm interested in discussing this idea with others trying to do the same thing.Thanks,Robin TannenbaumKaplan Thompson Architects