Enjoying the sun at the start of spring, bere:architects have broken out of the office and begun using the garden furniture again! Our hot lunches are supplied daily by Mother Earth, a London based health food store located down the road. This is the perfect time of year to be outside to appreciate the new growth from the roof top plants bursting into life and the birds feeding from the numerous feeders dotted around the terrace.    


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Ecobuild’s renowned seminar programme offers more than 130 sessions covering the most pressing and important issues for built environment professionals. With the emphasis throughout on delivering practical and applied information, each seminar is structured to provide key learning points, supported by case studies, analysis, and examples of best practice.Justin Bere, Sarah Lewis and Nick Newman from bere:architects are all speaking in various sessions. Seminars at Ecobuild are free to attend and available on a first come, first served basis.


At the end of its first Winter, these results are better than we would have dared hope for. Mayville Community Centre is also performing better than design, although it should be noted that these results are preliminary as not all the offices have been fully occupied. 

A full report will be published soon.


Making Building Design’s Top 50 UK Green Leaders at number 49, Justin has been recognised by his industry peers as an early leader in the adoption of the Passivhaus standard in the UK, with his work on affordable Passivhaus standard homes noted as “promising to be particularly valuable”.


"A large part of our work is aimed at helping governments turn pledges to reduce carbon emissions into action through replicable and scalable projects that can be tailored to local conditions. This approach is unique and serves several important functions, including demonstrating how targets can be met in practice, informing further policy decisions, and compressing the timeframe of achieving real emissions reductions. It is no longer an option to wait for an internationally agreed upon roadmap before devising and implementing projects that could be delivered today.

Justin-Bere-BRE-Passivhaus-at the-Innovation Park

Jaya Skandamoorthy (BRE director of Enterprise and Innovation) attended a meeting at bere:architects today with Virginia Cinquemani (BRE Innovation Park) in order to establish the building and training and disemination programme around our competition-winning Chestnut House low cost passivhaus prototypes at the Watford Innovation Park.

The semi-detached pair of houses, designed in collaboration with the Prince of Wales' Foundation for Building Communities, will be completed in time for a ministerial opening in September 2012.


Bere:architects staff are now all participating in the new Yoga class at the Mayville Community Centre. Designed by bere:architects the Community Centre is a fully certified Passivhaus retrofit.

Those that attended on Monday found the qualities of a Passivhaus building helped make the Yoga class all the more enjoyable. The insulation, triple glazing, draft free construction and Heat Recovery Ventilation ensure that the temperature and air quality remain constant and pleasant throughout the class as well as creating a quiet and calm atmosphere perfect for Yoga.



(These notes are selected from an email discussion with Bill’s permission)


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