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"A wildflower meadow atop a roof in Islington. This picture was inspired by a National Geographic article. I love the idea of having a green roof - a little piece of the English countryside in central London, hidden from the city streets below."


Cold Weather and the Elderly: As the cold weather bites, vulnerable and elderly people are the ones who will suffer the most, and they are the least able to fight the cold, damp conditions.

Rising Energy Prices: With rising energy prices, more and more people are slipping into fuel poverty.



Last Tuesday morning we visited our ‘towards Passivhaus’ Retrofit-for-the-Future project at 3 Passfield Drive in East London to take some thermal images of the finished retrofit. We wanted to take advantage of the cold snap that is being experienced across the country to check the thermal performance of the building.

At 8.30am on Tuesday morning the outside temperature was 1.5°C. The thermal images of the front facades of Passfield Drive, shown above in Fig 1, are a powerful visual indication of just how much energy this retrofit is saving.

The Chestnut House Village Square Render

It has been announced today that The Chestnut House, our Passivhaus designed in collaboration with the Prince's Foundation for Building Community, has been chosen as the winning pair of houses to be built at the BRE’s Watford Innovation Park. The Scottish based PassivCollective’s Passivhaus design has been chosen for the BRE’s Ravenscraig site in Scotland.


At one of our low energy refurbishment projects, Dyne Road, bere:architects carried out a masonry permeability test before installing internal insulation, in order to check whether the brickwork needs protection against penetration of outside moisture. Without such a check, there is a risk of serious fabric problems resulting from the work.

Larch and Lime Houses

The Green House Competition has been launched to find people to live in and assess the Larch and Lime Houses at the former steel works at Ebbw Vale in South Wales, designed by bere:architects’ and built by United Welsh under a competition administered by the Building Research Establishment Wales. 


With bere:architects’ Retrofit for the Future projects one of the most difficult details to realise on site was at the eaves where the airtightness layer in the loft was sealed to the parge coat on the external walls. This is a common and problematic detail for many retrofits seeking to reduce draughts in this area as it is crucial that the membrane remains airtight whilst passing around the rafters to seal to the wall.

bere:architects shortlisted for BRE UK Passivhaus Competition for both Watford a

It has just been announced that bere:architects in collaboration with the Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment have been shortlisted in the BRE UK Passivhaus Competition for both the Watford and the Ravenscraig sites. The brief was to design a semi-detached residential Passivhaus for Watford where one dwelling will be allocated for social housing and one for mid-range market housing.

Mayville Community Centre Passivhaus

Compare the thermal image of our Passivhaus Mayville Community Centre with a nearby school built in 1958 (click more below). Same time, same camera settings. Use the temperature scale to see the facade temperature. The nearer to yellow, the more heat is being wasted. The nearer to blue or black, the less heat is being wasted. Enough said.


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