bere:architects are very pleased that our office and Justin’s home known as ‘The Muse’ has been honoured with the 2009 award for Best Environmental Project. This was a particularly enjoyable occasion because this prize gave Justin the opportunity to meet Penny Poyzer, leader of the judges, who was one of the original project members of the Hockerton Housing Project with Robert and Brenda Vale. A weekend in Cambridgeshire and a visit to Hockerton are planned for the Spring….


Councillor Alexis Rowell’s website provides an update on the Camden Passivhaus.


Below is the official press release, 6th November 2009, and at the bottom are judges technical comments made by the Building Research Establishment (Wales) experts:

Two highly energy efficient homes that will produce more than 80% less carbon emissions than a standard new house have been chosen as the overall winners of the Welsh Passive House architectural competition.


The Welsh Assembly, advised by Nick Tune of BRE (Wales), is leading the UK in its drive towards the most efficient, low energy designs possible for new housing.


Amanda Baillieu shocks Building Design readers with her claim that the science of global warming is just ‘hot air’ (the text of this article was toned down Monday 9th November, 9pm)


I am looking forward to participating in this conference. Emigration to Wales is on the cards…..


12th November 2009

Innova 1
Tredegar Business Park
Blaenau Gwent

9.00-9.30 Registration and Coffee

9.30-10.00 Ministerial Address
Jane Davidson AM Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing
Leighton Andrews AM Deputy Minister for Regeneration


Energy Data Monitoring: results from a Passivhaus using no heat energy whatsoever, compared with results from a London Terraced House using occasional heating



Centurion Magazine, written for American Express Platinum Card holders, has written a piece entitled ‘Ecotecture’. I think that this is probably a Good Thing.


Judges’ Special Award: Bere: architects


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