The daisies and cornflowers have now been joined by poppies. Both the cornflowers and poppies have been very popular with the bumblebees. The insect population is beginning to develop and this is the first native greenshield bug thats been seen in the garden. Bird visitor numbers have steadily increased and they seem to enjoy the hazel coppice near the feeders. The regular list of visitors now includes: bullfinches, goldfinches, greenfinches, sparrows, robins, blackbirds and great tits.



Justin Bere has received a commendation from Islington Council in their first ever green business awards.

The awards identify the best eco-companies and encourage others to reach and exceed the standards they have set.


Focus house has recently been placed on the market and was featured on the cover of Foxtons estate agents magazine in North London


The picture shows the incoming air filter in the heat recovery ventilation unit in my London house after 6 months. Considering the quiet residential location of the house, I think most Londoners would be shocked to see that there is this amount of pollution in the air that we breath. I suspect that the cause is diesel fumes from lorries, vans, buses and taxis.


Stuart Caunt started an awareness campaign in the bere:architects office to stop us chucking our batteries into the bin and ultimately into landfill. After 6 months of putting our batteries into the jar on Stuart’s desk, we gathered quite a sizeable collection. The sight of this growing collection is a continual reminder to think about ways of avoiding using batteries. The next task will be to see how easy it is to get the batteries disposed of in an environmentally satisfactory way.

Fluorescent Light Bulb Disposal


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