Not a single penny spent on heating so far this winter

Mayville, renamed Mildmay Community Centre

Not a single penny has been spent on heating so far this year at the Mildmay Centre (formerly the Mayville Community Centre) yet the indoor temperatures throughout the building remain very, very comfortable at between 21 and 22 degrees centigrade.

Why aren't all new buildings built like this and why isn't government mobilising a massively overdue mass-retrofit in the UK in order to save money, save energy, reduce carbon emissions, save the planet, and create new jobs in a new green economy? Wake up UK government! WAKE UP!

Justin Bere


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Sure thing Justin. People will chase the money/ credit if it's there obviously. I know this will get you stoked up but it's tricky winning the argument on a wider social housing programme. I'm watching Hastoe with interest. Looking after MVHR on a large scale is a blind spot in the maintenance industry. Gas boiler programme contractor best bet but I have the frustrating experience of forcing people to get their their heads around it properly. We're on our way but doesn't arf take some effort for something that seems to me should be pimps. Greenoak do it but it's relatively small scale.
Well done! I ask the same question about Canadian construction in 2013. We will soon have data available on the heating cost of , New Brunswick's first house designed and constructed to Passive House standards.