Airtightness Report - A Practical Guide

A practical guide on achieving the excellent levels of airtightness in Passivhaus building fabric.

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A very useful technical guide. Where would we find an equal guide about retrofit airtightness please? There are about 7 million homes, plus commercial buildings needing to be energy retrofitted for the 21st century. I visited your Mayville Community Centre offices, for an RIBA Flash CPD seminar on Retrofit, and have heard, with great interest, Justin speak at various events, including building Centre, and Highgate 21st century homes weekend, etc. Thank you for making your research available. Yours, Tony E
It is brilliant that some professionals are sharing their experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope one day I can also add to the body of UK knowledge of Passivhaus construction and share it with others.
Excellent document, could be slightly improved with a little additional explanation, eg 'headless screws to support windows'. Very impressed with your thorough commitment to good building and your willingness to share.
Thank you for sharing - discovered after seeing link in your book