Airtightness Master Class

BRE and bere:architects have come together to bring you an Airtightness Master Class.

The BRE has been involved in airtightness testing, research and consultancy for nearly 30 years and Mike Jaggs is their leading expert. Bere:architects were amongst the first to use advanced air tightness techniques developed in Europe, and where appropriate, have developed some of these techniques for UK conditions.

This one day Master Class provides background information on airtightness, why it is important and the definitions of testing protocols n50 and q50 required for Building Regulation compliance and Passivhaus certification.

Practical sessions provide delegates with key information on how to plan the air barrier and how to achieve airtight junctions. Guidance is given on how to manage airtightness on site and the skill of bringing design and construction together to achieve excellent and practical results, including practical, hands-on sessions covering design detailing and a demonstration of an air leakage audit.

The Master Class is being held in the award winning Mayville Community Centre, originally built circa 1890, and is the first ultra low energy, Passivhaus retrofit community centre in the UK, being certified by the BRE. The venue offers an excellent opportunity to witness a Passivhaus first hand whilst speaking directly to those involved in the design and certification of the building.

Programme :
Welcome and introductions and presentation on Mayville Community Centre
Background to airtightness – why it’s important
The affects of air leakage
Testing protocols n50 v q50 (Building Regulations v Passivhaus)
Practical session
Planning the airtightness layer
Detailing junctions
Practical session
Airtightness management on site
Airtightness in contracts
Intended audience :
Design and construction professionals – architects, architectural technicians, project managers, site managers, developers, social landlords

Venue: Mayville Community Centre, London N16 NA

Online booking : This event can be booked online at a cost of £200.00 (plus £40.00 VAT) - Total £240.00 per person.

For more information:
BRE Training
01923 664829

Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 10:00