EcoBuild: "An introduction to Passivhaus"

Passivhaus is becoming a leading principle and standard not only across Europe, but also in the UK.  This series of seminars combines an introduction to Passivhaus with more detailed sessions, using case studies of a range of building types. They will address a variety of aspects of Passivhaus, including: design, alignment with regulations, cost, applicability for refurbishment, implications for the supply chain, and how a wider market can be created for the standard.


Passivhaus represents an approach to designing and constructing highly energy efficient buildings, whilst providing high levels of comfort and building health.  It is arguably the leading international, low energy, design standard. Over 20,000 houses, schools, offices and other buildings have been designed, built and tested to this standard across Europe.  This session will explore the Passivhaus standards and principles - how they fit with UK codes and regulations - and their applications and costs.

10.45-11.05        Relating the Passivhaus Standard to the UK market, meeting codes and building regulations Jon Bootland, The Passivhaus Trust
11.05-11.30       The Science and Art of Passivhaus - what are the design principles and what does this mean; what can be achieved in terms of low energy building, whilst providing high standards of comfort and building health? Justin Bere, bere:architects
11.30-11.50       Passivhaus - destroying the cost barriers Richard Whidborne, DIrector, E-Griffin Consulting and Nick Newman, Associate Director & Certified Eurpean Passivhaus Designer, bere:architects
11.50-12.15       Essential steps to achieving Passivhaus standards Peter Warm, Director, WARM: low energy building practice.
Tuesday, March 20, 2012 -
10:45 to 12:15