The Good Homes Debate

The 2013 Good Homes Debate, at Feilden Clegg Bradley's London offices

4pm - 4.15pm Justin Bere - is Passivhaus the way forward for good homes ? With specific examples of one or two good homes projects 

Hosted by the Good Homes Alliance, the event will focus on presentations from a number of architects - and where possible their clients as well - on what they consider to be their own 'good homes' projects.  A key issue is whether architects and their developer clients can deliver on both good design and sustainability. 

The GHA will task them with a set of criteria and aspects to consider in their presentations and will, after 8 presentations, debate them and then allow the audience to vote on whether they consider them to be good homes.   This afternoon event will then be followed by a good homes debate panel and Christmas party in the evening.

The GHA have invited speakers from several other innovative architectural practices (Nick Willson Architects, Richards Partington Architects, FAT Architects, Ian Shaw Architekten and Feilden Clegg Bradley). 

The Good Homes Alliance is a not for profit organisation working within the sustainable built environment.  The GHA has created a broad definition of ‘what makes a Good Home?’ and are pushing forward the debate on this through a number of events. 

The GHA definition of a Good Home:

“ A Good Home is sustainable, healthy, well designed, spacious, attractive, quality built, durable and efficient. A source of pride and satisfaction, it is comfortable, safe and assured. A home includes the community within which it is located so that a good home is located in a friendly, sustainable and resilient community. It is a pleasure to live in a good home. It will have been designed and built in a highly socially and environmentally responsible manner with particular regard to the health and wellbeing of occupants and those involved in its design and construction. Access to a good home is the right and privilege of all in a progressive and civilised society.”  

Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 16:00