Larch & Lime Houses - FINAL REPORT - Technology Strategy Board funded research

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Mildmay Centre - FINAL REPORT - Technology Strategy Board funded research

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I remember the day the penny dropped. As a school kid in 1975 I arrived home from school for my summer holidays to see new houses being built on rich farmland across the fields from my bedroom window. I had learned at school how Britain hardly managed to feed itself during the u-boat blockade of the 2nd world war, and asked myself: how can we afford to cover over fields with new houses while meeting our need for food?

Camden Passivhaus, London's first Passive House, bere:architects

The Technology Strategy Board funded FINAL REPORT of the Camden Passivhaus has now been published. The report is the result of two years 'Phase 2' in-depth monitoring of the performance of the Camden Passivhaus.

Article published following 2 years monitoring of Welsh Passive Houses by bere:architects

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Larch House and Lime House

It's at this time of the year especially that I get a real buzz from the solar array on top of my house, and from the green roof planting that thrives in the cool shade beneath. From Spring to Autumn it's a real pleasure to go home and see how much heat has been harvested from the free energy of the sun. Normally from Spring to Autumn the domestic hot water for both the main house and the rented flat is virtually free. Indeed at present too much energy is produced and the plan one day is to use the 11metre long pool in the garden as a solar dump for all the excess solar energy.

An Introduction to Passive House front cover

Introduction to Passive House is intended to be an easy-to-read introduction to why and how architects, policy makers and all those who procure works to new and existing buildings can collaborate in transforming the quality of our built environment, domestic and non-domestic, new-build and existing. The benefits of this transformation embrace occupants, users and the wider natural environment; now and for countless generations into the future.

Update on bere:architect's research into air quality in Passive Houses

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air quality in passive house passivhaus

Preliminary results of 1st year of monitoring (Final report due Autumn 2014)

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Larch and Lime House passivhaus Passive House Ebbw Vale Wales

Preliminary results of 1st year of monitoring (Final report due Spring 2014)

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camden passive house monitoring research


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