Lime House BRE Social Housing Passivhaus Prototype

Neighbour to the already certified, zero carbon (code 6) Larch House, both houses were designed to meet the demanding performance criteria of the passivhaus standard in this exposed and misty, hilltop location in south Wales. The Lime House is cheaper to build than the Larch House because it has smaller windows which do not need blinds for summer shading, reducing the cost of the windows and eliminating the cost of the blinds. It is named after its lime rendered walls, and follows the unfussy form of a traditional Welsh cottage.

Larch House Zero Carbon BRE Social Housing Passivhaus Prototype

The Larch House is the UK’s first zero carbon (code 6), low cost, Certified Passivhaus, built as prototype social housing and launched at the 2010 National Eisteddfod for Wales.

Shadwell DLR Station

Commissioned as part of a wider interchange project looking at improving links between the DLR and East London Line stations, the project consisted of major engineering works, spatial and technical reorganisation, improved wayfinding and security, and re-lighting and re-designing every aspect of the station. We also included measures to improve sustainability, such as the disposal of rainwater on site via a ground water soakaway, provision of retail space for local small businesses and a locally orientated public arts procurement programme.


Camden Passivhaus - London's First PH

This timber framed 118m2, two bedroom house is the first certified Passivhaus in London, setting a benchmark for energy efficient design combined with comfort, high indoor air quality and other health-enhancing and anti-asthmatic advantages.

DLR Cycle Parking Project

As part of a TFL strategy to promote cycling, bere:architects were commisioned to develop a cycle strategy for the Docklands Light Railway network. We produced a completely new, and award-winning design, for intricately detailed and solar-powered cycle shelters that was then rolled out across the entire DLR network. This two year project involved collaboraton with artists and the production of a detailed strategy for each and every station across the network.

Focus House - UK Pioneer 'Towards Passivhaus'

This much-published, RIBA award winning low maintenance, low energy, low cost home was designed in 2005 as an example of a simpler framework for future living. 

The main objective was to exchange a large, high maintenance house for a compact low maintenance, energy preserving house that would allow a young couple and their children to shift the focus of their life by providing them with more actual living space by transposing the traditional space division of the Victorian house to suit present-day needs. 


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