Passfield Drive 'Retrofit for the Future' Prototype


Funded by the Technology Strategy Board and implemented in collaboration with Southern Housing, the aim of this social housing retrofit by bere:architects, was to show that deep-energy cuts are possible with social housing stock. We aimed to show how improved thermal comfort, reduced energy bills and lower CO2 emissions are possible for millions of people in existing houses. This building in London uses external thermal insulation, passivhaus triple glazing and excellent draught proofing. It is a robust demonstration building where specific heat energy requirements have been reduced dramatically by super-insulation to create a very comfortable, healthy indoor environment that is warm in winter, cool in summer, and has plentiful high quality indoor fresh air all year round.

This approach to improving the UK's housing stock is increasingly essential in particular to protect our growing elderly population, as well as to protect the planet from the adverse effects of high CO2 emissions from the developed world.

View a thermal image of the whole terrace by clicking on the small icon above.

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