Bats and Green Roofs Project



The 'Bats and Green Roofs Project' was initiated by Huma Pearce in May 2010. The aim of the project is to understand whether green roofs provide habitat for bats within urban areas and determine whether they can offer a compensatory measure for habitat losses associated with development as well as a conservation measure for these species in otherwise low quality urban environments.

Huma Pearce, Ecologist,

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I have bats living in an old barn at the back of my house. I have a tiny garden but the bats swoop down and get all the bugs and slugs...They are very welcome in my garden. We have had Bats fly down our chimney, luckily the fire was out and the Bat went to hang from the ceiling wooden beams. I wrapped him in a box and let him out. Untouched and unharmed.