Cost Analysis Template - Passive House Cost Project (PHCP)

The cost analysis template has been designed by quantity surveyor Richard Whidborne of e-Griffin Consulting in collaboration with bere:architects as part of their Passive House Cost Project (PHCP), to enable all cost data to be analysed in a consistent recognisable manner. This template is based very closely on the RICS New Rules of Measurement: Order of Cost Estimating and Elemental Cost Planning for Capital Building Works (second edition).

This template is now available for individual project use and for the sharing of information amongst the passivhaus community. To obtain an Excel spreadsheet copy of this, download the template from the link below or email To enable the sharing of this information, it is encouraged that completed forms are returned electronically to PHCP – please be assured that total confidentiality will be maintained at all times - or brought to a meeting of collaborators for discussion, please email for meeting dates.

Should you have any queries about using the template then please contact Richard Whidborne on or contact the Passive House Cost Project (PHCP) on

NB - Version 2 is uploaded here due to a minor error in line 0115 of version 1 having been identified. The error would be easily spotted on using the template however and should not cause any problems.

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