Thermal imaging at Passfield Drive

New Passivhaus triple glazed windows and doors have now been expertly fitted to the north elevation of 3 Passfield Drive (wall insulation will follow soon). The excellent thermal performance achieved by these windows and the draft-free fitting can be clearly seen in the thermal image of the north elevation below. Comparing the ground floor window of no. 3 to the neighbouring property on the left it is remarkable how much better our house is performing. The same can be said when considering the difference between the new front door of no.

The Muse

20 tonnes of soil has now been loaded on to the Muse, Justin Bere’s own self-build experimental home and an all-native planting scheme has been installed in good time to get settled in before the growing season. Justin says: “at last we got 20 tonnes of soil on the roofs of my house and we have completed an all-native planting scheme, including a native hawthorn thicket, a native hazel woodland with native honeysuckle and two native wild-flower meadows. Also forty native birch trees have been planted along the gravel entranceway.


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