Dawn Lintern holds a yoga class every Monday evening (except bank holidays) at the Muse. 

1.5 hours of dynamic stretching is one of the best things you can do for sports performance, to maintain core-strength or just to remain flexible - essential for people sitting at desks all day. The price of the drop-in class is £10. Most members of the sessions are experienced in the yoga moves but Dawn also welcomes beginners.

Phone Cassandra at bere:architects for further details 020 7241 1064.

For the second year running Mildmay Community Centre with its own wildflower green roofs played host for the Wildlife Gardening Forum Conference 2012. Justin was invited to talk on the process of creating a green roof for his own house, the Muse. It has become an oasis of wildlife with four beehives on the roof, nestled amongst flourishing native wildflowers, surrounded by the chatter of birds in the trees and young chicks in the nestboxes embedded in the walls; and all this in central London!

Excellent talk at UCL last night with massive attendance and long debate; The Myth of Apathy; Going Beyond Behaviour Change  

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The conference exists to spread learning between all those who are interested in the field of low energy building design in the UK. It will include case studies, site visits, workshops, debate, an exhibition of Passivhaus products and numerous networking opportunities.

The Mayville Community Centre opened its doors to visitors as part of the annual Open House London festival last weekend. Visitors had the opportunity to join tours led by Justin Bere and Nick Newman, to learn about the transformation of the centre from what was an uninsulated and inefficiently used Victorian building into what is now a fully certified, award-winning Passivhaus community centre with 90% energy savings.

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Ecobuild’s renowned seminar programme offers more than 130 sessions covering the most pressing and important issues for built environment professionals. With the emphasis throughout on delivering practical and applied information, each seminar is structured to provide key learning points, supported by case studies, analysis, and examples of best practice.Justin Bere, Sarah Lewis and Nick Newman from bere:architects are all speaking in various sessions. Seminars at Ecobuild are free to attend and available on a first come, first served basis.

Bere:architects staff are now all participating in the new Yoga class at the Mayville Community Centre. Designed by bere:architects the Community Centre is a fully certified Passivhaus retrofit.

Those that attended on Monday found the qualities of a Passivhaus building helped make the Yoga class all the more enjoyable. The insulation, triple glazing, draft free construction and Heat Recovery Ventilation ensure that the temperature and air quality remain constant and pleasant throughout the class as well as creating a quiet and calm atmosphere perfect for Yoga.

What does Passivhaus cost

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This serious subject became the talking point of the conference after the delivery of a thoroughly entertaining talk that ended up with a pythonesque crushing of a Code 3 house by a gigantic foot that came down from the roof of the auditorium.

Following Jeremy’s visit to the Mayville Community Centre at the beginning of June where he was shown round the building by Rachel Witherick (b:a), Trevor Mbatha (MCP), Jessie White (MCP) and David Ironside (site manager for the contractor), today Jeremy visited our offices and joined us for the daily office lunch. Jeremy is hugely supportive of the passivhaus refurbishment of the community centre, a building he has been personally using for nearly 30 years in his role as Labour MP for Islington North.


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