What was planned as a small Camden and Islington Passivhaus conference on February 3rd for local architects and council employees, quickly became an over-subscribed event and a major UK Passivhaus conference. Refer to the following link for more details:

Wednesday, February 3rd 2010 (Camden Town Hall, Judd Street)

Councillor Alexis Rowell’s website provides an update on the Camden Passivhaus.

The Welsh Assembly, advised by Nick Tune of BRE (Wales), is leading the UK in its drive towards the most efficient, low energy designs possible for new housing.

Energy Data Monitoring: results from a Passivhaus using no heat energy whatsoever, compared with results from a London Terraced House using occasional heating


Thursday and Friday 11 & 12 of June at Oxford Brookes University

Wolfgang Feist, founder of the Passivhaus Institute, will present a series of workshops at this year’s conference. You won’t get him personally presenting workshops even at the German Passivhaus conference, so this truly a unique opportunity

Wednesday July 1st 10:00 - 14:00 – Early booking essential

We have aimed this CPD at those people who want a detailed and practical introduction to Passivhaus design, but who are not ready to do a full PHPP course (see AECB website for info about a full course). We aim to give attendees a good understanding of what it is like to design using the German Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP).

We understand that the event may sell out early but we have offered to do another at a later date if RIBA London keeps a waiting list.

Planning permission was granted on January 15th for our Camden Passivhaus. The structure is being pre-fabricated in Austria and the Austrians will fit the windows, the electrics, the plumbing and all the finishes to achieve the highest quality of workmanship in the shortest time possible.

Knowledge Transfer and Training for Passivhais Skills

6 October, 2008

By Michael Willoughby

Michael Willoughby went to visit Bere Architecture’s Muse, a proto-PassivHaus in Newington Green, east London, with his camera.


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