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An article on the first UK certified passivhaus windows developed for the Lime House, featured in Building Design.

Centurion Magazine, written for American Express Platinum Card holders, has written a piece entitled ‘Ecotecture’. I think that this is probably a Good Thing.

 Justin Bere describes how his rooftop wildflower meadow is providing vital support for the local house sparrow population as well as evidence of how native planting benefits  ahealthy ecosystem.

Three case studies about improving the energy efficiency of existing housing, written by Jo Moulds for Green Building Magazine.

6 October, 2008

By Michael Willoughby

Michael Willoughby went to visit Bere Architecture’s Muse, a proto-PassivHaus in Newington Green, east London, with his camera.

Published by Ecotech

Commentary by Justin Bere

5 April 2007 

Each spring Germany’s Passivhaus Institute holds its annual conference within a European city. The conference probably represents the largest gathering of low energy construction research academics and professionals in the world and without a doubt it presents the most experienced, the most scientific and the most professional low energy and ecological papers presented to construction professionals at any single international conference.


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