Bucks Plus-Energy Passivhaus

This all-electric, Plus Energy Passive House home is perhaps the most advanced, high performance new house in the UK. It has been designed to produce two and a half times more energy in a year than it consumes. Crucially, because it is a Passive House, even its winter energy demand is small. With the addition of a 12kWp photovoltaic array to harvest solar energy, together with 12kWh of battery storage, this home is almost completely energy-independent and even in the most extreme winter conditions has an 80% lower peak-energy demand from the grid than an ordinary house. 

Artist's Passive House & Studio

Plectic House – complexity made simple

Our new, ultra-low cost, ultra simple Passive House and Artist's Studio has been awarded planning permission in the London Borough of Southwark. The timber framed house will have light-filled interiors of natural materials with uncompromisingly raw finishes. It will demonstrate the common sense in simple detailing, low-cost construction and healthy, comfortable living.

Drayton Gardens

Case study 296 is a ‘stepping stone’ towards our aim of producing an ecologically advanced Passivhaus refurbishment of a Listed London terrace house, combining many health benefits for the occupants with advanced low energy design. Some of the original external walls have been internally insulated; historic windows have been draft proofed with brush seals and secondary glazing; solar thermal hot water heating has been installed and energy-saving passivhaus heat recovery ventilation provides filtered fresh air throughout the building. A mall green roof has also been installed.

Stanley Crescent

Years of neglect and extensive dry rot had caused major damage to one of the largest and finest Grade II listed houses in Notting Hill in West London. The French classical interiors had been divided into flats, and in returning the building to a single double-fronted house, bere:architects recreated the splendour of the original interiors, demonstrating a real empathy for historic buildings. Designed for a distinguished Notting Hill family, the interiors are historically correct where appropriate.

Ladbroke Square

This large family house in Notting Hill has been completely refurbished and extended to create rooms that are elegant, comfortable and calm. Our work is inspired by the under-stated elegance of Scandinavian modernism. All details are carefully worked through to give lasting pleasure to the occupants. We have aimed for perfection in every detail from the size and location of a shadow gap to the polished stainless steel fixings for the leather staircase handrail. Natural materials predominate in all our work. Gentle colours and daylight bathe sculpted forms.

St Johns St artists studio

A place to live, to work and also to play. Scene 1 opens with the art and design studio; a tabula rasa. Scene 2 opens with a mezzanine retreat for rest and restoration

Coombe Farm Cottages Passivhaus

A low-energy retrofit of an old stone thatched cottage with new Passivhaus additions for a self-building client who is an expert in permaculture and intends to use the cottage, outbuildings, and nine acres of land to create a near self-sufficient life.

The project has planning permission and will be largely self-built during 2011 and 2012.


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Ripley House

This project for a new glass addition to the back of a listed house in South London established bere:architects, in the late 1990's, as a leading innovator in the use of structural glass. The project tested a new stacked-glass structural column design to support the glass walls and roof of the new rear conservatory, a solution which was then used for the London Wall Pizza Express project. The scheme demonstrated how modern architectural solutions can be compatible with the rigorous requirements of English Heritage for work on a Listed building.

Windsor Farm towards passivhaus

This new-build rural house near Windsor was designed as a passivhaus and in 2006 was destined to be the UK’s first certified passivhaus building.

Dance Choreographer's low energy home

A low energy refurbishment of one of the oldest houses in Islington, for the latest of our famous dance & theatre clients.


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