Lark Rise

All-electric, plus-energy Passive House Plus home. Perhaps the most advanced house in the UK, producing 2x more energy in a year than it consumes, drawing 97% less energy from the grid than the average UK house (for all uses, including heating) and exporting energy to the grid

This north-facing, all-electric, plus-energy Passive House home is perhaps the most advanced, high performance house in the UK. It has a negative final energy demand of -6.16 MWh. Converting this: -6.16*1000/175 = -35kWh/m2/yr, so it can be regarded as a mini powerstation for the National Grid. Its extremely low energy requirement enables a 12kWp rooftop photovoltaic array to produce each year over twice as much energy as it consumes. After using what it needs, the building exports energy to the National Grid and it imports 97% less energy from the National Grid than the average UK house, for all uses including heating. The heat demand is so low that from March 2018, a 13kWh battery store has the capability, with careful occupants, to make the home almost completely energy-independent, even during the depth of winter. At the same time, it provides extremely comfortable, stable and healthy interior conditions throughout the year, in summer and winter.

Lark Rise has been designed to show how the 'Smart Energy Revolution' has the potential to enable the UK to be fuelled entirely by renewable energy, all the time. This ‘building as power station’ concept will allow the UK to be self-sufficient in cheap renewable energy; and therefore energy-secure.

If the roll-out of this concept is scaled up, money spent on new and retrofit buildings like this will significantly reduce national peak energy demand. If we can reduce peak energy demand, then we can reduce the need for new power stations, and the many billions of pounds saved on building, operating, fuelling and eventually decommissioning each power station can instead go into creating and converting more buildings like this, thereby producing more savings in power station expenditure and more low-carbon jobs - a really healthy feedback loop.


Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Awards 2019, Project of the Year (Residential); Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Regional Award 2019; Constructing Excellence Award 2019, highly commended for Sustainability; nominated by the German Design Council for a German Design Award 2020; shortlisted for 'House of the Year 2019' by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Photography: Peter Cook and Tim Crocker


  • Passive House Institute Single-Family Home Award Winner 2021
  • RIBA Grand Designs House of the Year Longlisted (Lark Rise) 2019
  • RIBA South Awards Winner 2019
  • Constructing Excellence SECBE Highly Commended (Sustainability) 2019
  • Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Building Performance Award - Project of the Year (Residential) Winner 2019

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